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All In One Shooting Sports Timer


The All In One Shooting Sports Timer has everything built in. It includes a single lane timer, a Large Display, and a command announcer. The Target Light and Sensor mount to the back of the target with magnets. The Timer can be mounted to a camera Tripod if mobility is desired.

The Shooting Sports Timer is designed to be used to Practice fast draw shooting at a target as done in CFDA and WFDA competitions. It can also be configured in Multi-Lane configurations for Quick Draw competitions.

This Timer features 4 inch tall, easy to read displays. The extra bright target lights can easily be seen in the brightest sunlight. The timer is connected to the Target Lights using rugged, 18 ga., two wire lamp cord. If the cable is damaged, it can be easily repaired in the field.

The Timer supports one shooter in all the modes. The Standard (Master) mode requires the user to press the controller switch to start a timed event. The timer will then wait for a random time from 2 to 5 seconds and then turn on the target light. The light will go off when the target is hit and the elapsed time will be displayed. If the target is not hit the timer waits 10 seconds before timing out.

The Practice mode automatically restarts the timer after a 10 second delay. The timer emits a "Shooters on the Line -- Shooters Set" Audio to a connected Audio Amplifier indicating the start of a 2 to 5 second random delay. At the end of a random delay, the lights will come on as in the standard mode and start the time measurement. The practice mode starts a new random delay after speaking the shooter commands.


Included Accessories with AIO Order


There are two Timer Models to Choose from depending on your needs. The All In One is best as a starter Timer for the individual or small Club not intending to put on Sanctioned Matches. The Club All In One gives the user all of the features of the All In One plus storing the shot times of the match in a computer log file, flashing the winning Target lights, and displaying the shot times on a display sitting on the scoring table.


Choosing the Right Timer for your application
  Personal All In One Club All in One
CFDA Approved for Sanctioned Matches
Flashes Winning Target Light
Compatible with Control Display





The Control/Display is used to allow the Scoring Personel to see the shot times. It reflects the Times displayed on each Lane Display. It memorizes all shot times and stores them in a log file. The past shot times can be recalled. It also controls the Flashing of the Winning Target Light on each Lane. It is needed to run a CFDA Approved Match.


control display


Club Timer Control/Display User Manual




dc cable





target light



key fob transmitter


key fob transmitter

Infrared Control Keypad for Club Timer


All in One Timer User Manual



Price List
Price each Purchase
Personal All in One Timer, Announcer, Display
CFDA Approved Club All In One Timer -- Works with Control Display
CFDA Approved Club Control Display - 1 Needed per Club Range
6 Lane Club System + 1 Control Display
Spare Target Light
AC Power Supply 12Volt output
Spare Sensor and Cable
Spare Target Light to Timer Cable
Spare Sync Cable
Spare DC Power Cable -- Operate Timer from a 12 Volt Battery

Shipping for each 1 Timer to the Continental US is $25

Free Shipping for Order of 6 timers & 1 Control Display

Shipping for spare items to the Continental US is $9

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